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Public Access In Financial Disputes in Divorce: Fee Structure

Public Access – Financial Disputes in Divorce Our barristers can advise you if you and your former partner cannot agree on financial matters during, or after, a divorce. For example, you may not be able to agree on how assets should be divided, whether to sell your home or other assets, maintenance payments, or pension sharing. If you cannot agree financial matters with your former partner, you can apply to a court for a financial remedy order. You may need to attend a number of court hearings. As such, you may require a barrister's advise and/or representation at these hearings.

We can guide you through this process, advising on pre-litigation negotiation and mediation. If the latter fails and you find that you have to enter the court process, we can advise and represent you at the all the hearings: These are known as:

1. The First Hearing Being: The Financial Dispute Resolution Appointment [FDA]

2. The Second Hearing Being: Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing [FDR] [this is the hearing in which most cases can be/are resolved by consent/agreement.

3.The Last Hearing known as the Final Hearing

4. Prior to commencing any work, a full Client Care Letter will be sent out. This contains the full terms and conditions between the barrister and the client. As such, Chambers will require full identification of all prospective clients. 

Average Fee Structure

The amount of fees to be paid will always depend on the complexity of the matter. Thus, the fees set out below may rise in relation to the issues involved!

Time scales for your case may vary depending on factors such as the value and whether you have children, how much you have already agreed with your former partner, and their approach. However, in our experience, most case for a financial remedy order are between eighteen months and two years The latter does not include possible appeals.

Cost for a preliminary conference from one hour to four hours and depending on the complexity of your case, £270 - £1500.

Preparation of case, including meetings with you and drafting a Position Statement for each Hearing:

First Appointment hearing: The first court hearing normally associated with exchanging of financial information and documents, provision of expert evidence and identifying the issues in the case and the preparation of a Position Statement. £1000 - £5,000

Second Appointment [FDR]: A further detailed Position is needed including any open offers and Section 25 factors: £1,500 - £5000

Final Hearing: 1 Day Final Hearing [if no financial settlement has been agreed] from£1,500 to £5,000. Depending on the issues and complexity of the case.

For a two/three day case the fees are from £2,000 to £15,000 depending on the issues/complexity of the matter. All fee are paid in advance and may be subject to VAT.