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Bullen Chambers

Instruct A Barrister Direct

Via 'Public Access'

Regulated by the Bar Standards Board

Barristers direct to the public via Public Access

Anyone can now go directly to a barrister for advice without using or involving a solicitor. Thus,members of the public may instruct a barrister directly through the 'public access scheme'. For further general information about the direct/public access, please follow the link below.

Please also read the guidance notes prepared by visting the following page: Bar Standards Board

Bullen Chambers provides a high level of skill whether this be, advising you on the case, representation in court or any other work required to present the case under public access.

There are clear benefits to you by instructing a barrister directly under this scheme: you will save money, as you’ll only be paying for one lawyer (a barrister as opposed to a barrister and a solicitor,) and you will deal directly with that specialist barrister throughout your case/matter. In-addition, you will be able to discuss the matter with them by phone, email, or by any other agreed method you may choose.

This means that there is increased continuity as your case is being handled by one individual and not a firm. Moreover, you have the benefit of agreeing fixed or hourly fees in advance of work being undertaken. Thus, this fee transparency allows you to keep control of your legal costs. For more information on our Public Access work, please visit the 'Public Access' page via the button on the left. 

London and Surrounding Counties including:

Basingstoke, Swindon, Guildford. Winchester, Southampton, Bournemouth, Pool, Salisbury, Bristol, Bath, Well, Somerset, Exeter,Yeovil, Weymouth, Devon and Cornwall!

Some Client Testimonials


Thank you so much for helping me get my life back. I really appreciate all the hours you put in to get my matter back on track. I never envisaged that the matter would come to a fair end. However, you gave me a renewed conference in the legal system. Just when I thought all was lost... Along came Bullen. Thank you.


On behalf of myself, my son’s partner and her parents I just want to say thank you so much for your advice and help. We really do appreciate how you responded instantly to the case and how promptly and as such, many of our fears have been allayed and we feel much more positive about the eventual outcome. We are most grateful for your immediate response and such valuable assistance.

Mary, many, many thanks!

M. J. Thompson

Thank you Mary for all the help and advice you gave me.

Barron of Lee: 33rd of Lee, 23rd of Cam'nethan, Scotland



I wanted to thank you very much indeed for everything that you did in acting for my son and supporting him through his divorce. You really went above and beyond what we could have expected. The Court order I think was fair and reasonable but the emotional damage takes a different sort of adjusting to. I am sure me son will be fine, but, thank you again, having you there for him was invaluable and we are both so grateful to you.

Kind Regards, Erica

Tel: 01722742204/07722120619. Email: [email protected]